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Inspiring and purpose driven keynote speaker, panellist and host.


Passionate trainer and facilitator offering global leadership development programmes 


Changemaker committed to equitable practice offering workshops and consultations.


Certified coach unlocking potential, training coaching cultures within business.

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Inclusion & Diversity

"You're one step closer to working with me. Want to get to know me a bit more? Check out my TEDxBristol talk!"

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Lucy Wendover, Aardman Animations

Mena provided our Diversity & Inclusion Taskforce with very insightful, honest and valuable feedback and advice. Her background in TV production meant she understood the particular challenges of our industry, which was a great help. Perhaps the most important thing we got out of our initial work with Mena was the encouragement and confidence to get going and start putting our plans into place, reassured by the knowledge that not everything will be perfect first the time around and that we will learn as we go.

Victoria Keilthy, Director of Integration, NHS

Mena Fombo is a warm, eloquent and frank speaker. Her coaching strengths come through in her clear and practical suggestions for change, which are empowering rather than prescriptive. Many attendees fed back that they found her talk genuinely inspiring.

Kelly Janke, California State University, LB

Dr. Mena Fombo is an engaging, informative, and dynamic speaker. Our U.S. college student audience was greatly impacted by her stories, knowledge, and approach. It was remarkable how she was able to bridge racism in England and the United States. It is evident she truly cares about doing a great job and is committed to the betterment of her audience. Amazing presentation and I highly recommend Dr. Mena Fombo to anyone looking for a guest speaker about race, gender, and intersectionality! 


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